November 7, 2015

Month of Gratitude, Week One

Here in the United States, our annual Thanksgiving Day is always the fourth Thursday of November, so many people take the month to focus on their many reasons to be grateful.  The photo-a-day challenge I like to join, #BRPHOTOADAY, has chosen for this month's prompts all to be "Thankful for..."  This kind of exercise seems awfully healthy to me, both emotionally and spiritually, so I jumped at the chance to participate. I've been posting my pictures daily on Instagram, but here's the first week's round-up:

1 - This Kid

2 - Actual RAIN

3 - Great Customer Service

4 - Happy Surprises

5 - My Years With This Guy

6 - Wonderful Yarn Produced by Terrific People

7 - First-world Comforts

As you can see, I'm not going in order of what I'm most thankful for on down;  it's just what hit me that particular day that was something for which I was grateful that could be depicted in a photo.

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