December 11, 2015

A madame and a detective walked into a bar.... (Call for Submissions)

Finally, the moment the Cumberbatch-lovers have been waiting for: A Madame and a Detective Walked Into a Bar… Defarge Does Sherlock

Now that Defarge Gets Medieval is well underway, decisions need to be made about the last (yep, seriously, the last) book in the Defarge SeriesSherlock.

What does this mean for you: WE NEED PATTERNS.  If you’ve submitted a pattern already, double check that you’re listed HERE. If not, resubmit via this link and note that you submitted before. We’ll find the original submission by searching your email address or pattern name.  If you’re listed, then we have your pattern and all is well. 

If you haven’t yet but want to submit a pattern now, the real honest and true deadline is February 29th, 2016. Use THIS FORM to submit your pattern idea. We will let you know if your pattern has been selected on or before May 15th. 

We look forward to seeing your ideas!

Erica Hernandez, Editor
Heather Ordover, Editor Emerita
Cooperative Press

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