February 26, 2016

Stitches West - Part Two, Saturday & Sunday

I had really wanted Abby to experience the mayhem that is the opening of the market on Saturday morning with the throngs lined up to get in, but the pajama party did her in, and she barely made it to the lounge before they stopped serving breakfast at 10:30.

Garcia's Cowl spent the weekend hanging
out in the Lux Adorna Knits booth.
We did, however, manage to meet up with Miss Kalendar in plenty of time to do some serious enabling.

Can't see my shawl in all its glory?  Here's a better picture of it.  It's called Erin's Star, named after Miss Kalendar her very self.  The yarn is Fresh From the Cauldron SW Graduated (just one skein) in the colorway Reavers.

I love this yarn so much that I picked up another skein of it, this time in the colorway Exsanguinate.  A little whiskey glass (vase!  in my world, it's a tiny vase!) from Jennie the Potter was also deposited into my grateful, grubby little hands.

Lunch with the Knitmore coterie this year came complete with not one, but TOW babies.  I even got to hold T-Rex for a little while.

I finally got to meet my friend Dani!  We've known each other online since 2005, but have never lived in the same area until she moved to San Mateo a few months ago.  As it turns out, she's also friends with KnottyLa and had signed up the work the Dizzy Blonde Studios booth during the show.  The wool fumes must have been affecting my brain, though, because we forgot to get a picture.

I subjected Abby to a methodical booth-by-booth walktrhrough of the market which somehow went more quickly than when I do it on my own, LOL.  She did, however, make sure to stop at every vendor selling any sort of lotion and sample their wares.  Also, she met a cute dog and found some Dandy jewelry she loved,  In the end, she bought a Lo-Lo Twist from Bar-Maids in Red Clover.

After homework and downtime, we joined Laura and the Dizzy Blonde booth crew for dinner.  Not as crazy as the pajama party, but great fun with great people, and Abby sold two different people on the Lo-Lo Twist.

By Sunday morning, my brain was toast.  We worked in the booth for a couple of hours, and Abby insists that I gave wrong change at least once.  I do hope she was wrong!  I had one thing on my shopping list that I hadn't gotten yet, so she helped me pick some Blarney Yarn Plush from the Yarnover Truck for a pattern I'm finishing up.  The needle keeper pictured is from Slipped Stitch Studios and was a wee giftie from Desiree.  Sherlock quotations - how a propos!

Because Abby had been such a good sport all weekend, I took her to Big Mug Coffee Roaster on the way home, where she tortured me by eating a cinnamon crispy with her green tea latte.

Overall verdict on the weekend?  A good time was had by all.

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  1. Not getting a picture was unfortunate, but a very very good reason to get together again SOON!!!! Either way, it was wonderful to put a hug to all the emails, FB and blog posts.