March 18, 2016

Feed me, Seymour!

For weeks and weeks, Abby has been working whole-heartedly on the spring musical "Little Shop of Horrors" as one of the stage managers - showing up early to rehearsals and leaving late, being there for all the set construction, helping to find crew replacements when people had to drop out, etc. (basically exhibiting the stellar work ethic she learned from her dad).  Well, due to a last-minute emergency, the director asked her during the dress rehearsal to step in as the voice of Audrey 2, the murderous, carnivorous plant.

Last night was opening night, and things went great!  While the kid probably won't ever win any Grammy awards, she did a really good job with the voice.  If you knew that she'd only had 24 hours to prepare, it was amazing!

I don't have any video from last night's performance, but here's a clip of the song "Git It" from the 1986 movie.

I'd say she had a pretty stellar birthday yesterday.

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