May 6, 2016

Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togevva today.

Phun and Xin's wedding near Santa Cruz on Sunday was great.  They asked Andrew for a short ceremony, and a short ceremony they got.

The location was beautiful, and all the decor and little details were very Pinterest-worthy.

The reception was set up to be very relaxed and a lot of fun.

They loved the way Andrew decorated the foosball table
with the bride and groom as one team and
Marvel Comics villains as the other team.

The little group of people to the left are clustered around
a fish-eye photo booth that printed out souvenir pictures.
Not pictured to the right are a projector and screen with a
slideshow of Phun & Xin's relationship.

Yes, that IS a basketball game in the corner.
There was also a 500-piece puzzle of one of Phun & Xin's
engagement photos for people to work on - another one
of Andrew's genius ideas
(the guys at work take regular "puzzling breaks").

They even had an elaborate first dance all choreographed.

I'll spare you the karaoke videos, but it was pretty standard silliness.  Many folks spent the night there and had a bonfire "after-party".  We drove back home, but I understand shenanigans ensued.

My favorite part of the day, of course, was the officiant.

We are now taking bets on how soon Andrew will shave off the big beard and go back to his normal goatee.

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