June 23, 2016

Father's Day

We had an atypical Father's Day around here this year.

After spending 4.5 hours driving to Sierra City on
Saturday*, Andrew and Sarah breakfasted at The Red Moose,
with cousins Beth and Abigail, then spent Sunday morning
getting Sarah settled in.  Word is that she and her
partner in crime for the summer, Abigail,
got along well and had things in common.

Andrew had initially planned to spend the evening with friends watching the Warriors' game directly after driving back down, but plans changed.  I asked him what he wanted to do for dinner on his special day, and he said he wanted "something with bacon and tater tots."  I was happy to oblige.

I made a double batch of Cheesy Bacon-Tater Tot Pie, and Andrew and Abby polished off 2/3 of it (yes, that's a 9x13" pan) between the two of them.  I think that means it was good.  Being too selfish to be a martyr and have a lame meal myself, I set enough of the bacon and cheese aside for me to have on my salad as my protein.  (For those interested in such things, the bacon was the Smart and Final house brand, First Street - one of only two brands of bacon I've discovered that doesn't have sugar in it.  The other brand is Costco's Kirkland brand low sodium bacon.)

As you probably know by now, the Warriors lost, but it was still a good Father's Day, atypical though it was.

* In related news, whether he wanted to or not, Andrew has now listened to the entire "Hamilton" soundtrack from start to finish, LOL.  He was grateful for the alone time on the ride back down.

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