July 26, 2016

No Crafty Chat Today

Just a reminder that this week is one of the "gap weeks" in the CraftLit summer schedule, so there's no Crafty Chat livestream today.

My own crafty chat:

  • I'm a total loser at Tour de Fleece this year.  Bombed out after the first day.
  • My new favorite food combination = goat cheese + dark red cherries.  OMAGOURDS, are they AMAZING together!
  • After last week's discussion of The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I read it.  All in one sitting.  It was that compelling.  Was it beautiful or was it terrifying?  Yes.
  • CPAP News:  In case you didn't see my last blog post, I got the CPAP machine last Wednesday.  I'm adjusting well, except for reacting to the silicone in the mask (painful irritation and whiteheads requiring me to put diaper rash ointment on my FACE) and the tear I discovered in the mask yesterday (picking up a new one today).  On the plus side, I could go as Bane for Halloween if I wanted to.  (The resemblance, once seen, cannot be unseen.)  

I got An IDEA and have begun A Thing.

The West Coast Crafty Chat studio.
This is where the shenanigans happen
and where I spend an embarrassingly huge
portion of my days.

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