October 31, 2016

October Was BUSY!

Where did October go?  Well, we were pretty busy.

We attended an epic wedding down in Atascadero.  It was epic, not in the expense or flash, but in how momentous it was.  Francisco and Aura were married and had two daughters, then they were divorced for over 20 years.  They have both changed tremendously and are now re-married.  I don't think there was a single dry eye during their simple ceremony.

The next day, we visited the tiny church down there, where we were asked to speak briefly.

Half the room.  They have roughly 20 members currently.

The following Wednesday, Andrew rescued a stray puppy on his way to work - no collar, no chip, not fixed. We suspect she was abandoned at the park.  According to the vet, she's 10 or 11 months old and was probably the "runt" of litter; she's not likely to get as big as Jenna was.  Her name is Honey.  The jury is still out on whether we're adopting her or just fostering her, but she's pretty terrific, though training a puppy is a lot of work.

No.  Really.  A lot of work.

She thought my Malabrigo Nube (spinning fiber)
was delicious.

She slipped out of her collar during a walk,
and I fell while chasing her.

She finds sock yarn an interesting toy.

Because we couldn't secure puppy care, I had to stay home, but Andrew and the girls joined other family for a long weekend on a houseboat at Lake Shasta.  Even in the rain, they had a blast.

Abby survived having a small role in the fall play, being the
understudy for the supporting role, and being the
assistant director, all at the same time.

Sarah worked off and on, but as Halloween got closer, more and more (she's working at the local Halloween store).

I'll get pictures later, but Sarah is dressing as Black Canary, and Abby is Veronica from "Heathers".

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