January 2, 2017

(We) Had Happy Holidays!

Despite having no ornaments on the tree and no gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve (a safety precaution because we've never had a puppy in the house at Christmas time), our house and days were festive.

Kind of a "Stranger Things" vibe, no?

Enjoying the morning quiet is always a little better
by the Christmas tree.

Christmas cards were received and sent.

#yarnwishes were made and granted.

Gifts were purchased or made.

MUCH cooking happened in the Instant Pot.

Christmas Eve festivities with the Higueras
were just as much fun as usual.

No "present face" here; that excitement is real!

I wasn't allowed to take pictures Christmas morning, but
(almost) all our traditions were in effect.
YES, there were waffles, LOL.

Christmas was busy, with breakfast, presents, relaxing, church at 1:00, and my side of the family (including my cousing Akhila and her partner, Seth) over at 4:00.  Having an adult kid came in very handy, as she made a cheeseball appetizer and fancy Gruyere scalloped potatoes for the dinner.  I was too busy playing hostess to take pictures, but my sister got a few.  (I promise, Andrew WAS there, even though he somehow doesn't appear in the pictures, LOL.)

"Hernandez Christmas" on the 28th was a great time of relaxing an hanging out.  I think Grandma Ruthie or Grandpa Gil might have taken a few pictures, but I was off my game and didn't that night, either.

New Year's Eve at the Higueras' was the usual
delicious crab feast.

Knowing that Miss Honey doesn't do well for long
periods of time in the crate, and not
knowing how she would do with 12:00
fireworks, etc., we came home early
and were well ensconced in bed
by the time the new year hit.

So, here's to a terrific new year in 2017.  May yours be full of friends, family, fun, and bits of wackiness like the new flamingoes that now brighten the corner of my back yard.

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