September 22, 2010

Birthday Morning

We woke Thing One up this morning by playing the Taylor Swift "Fearless" CD that Thing Two had gotten her for her birthday (Thing Two's brilliant idea).  She woke up with a BIG grin; no complaints this morning!  There weren't a large number of presents for her to open this morning b/c our "biggie" was going in w/my parents on the bean bag chair from Saturday.  She was grateful for all of them, though, and she also really enjoyed her special birthday breakfast.

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures.  I should have used the regular camera instead of my iPhone.

Bday 1 Bday 5 Bday 3 Bday 2 Bday 4

Between the allowance she has saved up and the cash she has received for her birthday, Thing One can now afford to buy a second bean bag chair for her room so she has a place for a friend to sit.  Cool!