September 27, 2010

More From 9/23 Fabric Dyeing Class

As always, click for bigger and more detailed explanations....

The blah grey Nepalese wool, overdyed with indigo, fucshia MX dye, and onion skins:

9-27 Fucshia MX Nepalese Wool 9-27 Indigo Nepalese Wool 9-27 Onion Skin Nepalese Wool

The yellow Wool of the Andes, tied in various places to leave yellow bits, then overdyed with indigo to create green.  It wasn't my intention at the time, but now when I look at it, the colors totally make me think of...University of Oregon colors.  Hmmmm.....

9-27 Yellow and Green WOTA

Assorted pictures Margie took at class that day:

9-23 Erica with WOTA before 9-23 Shibori 2 9-23 Anna Shibori 9-23 Margie ribcage

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