September 25, 2010

Tour de Fat

What a great day!  First, Rick & Adriana came and whisked Thing One off for a day of "girl time" with Adriana.  Last I heard, their day included hamburgers at In-and-Out, pedicures at Adri's favorite place, seeing Guardians of Ga'hoole, and pizza.  Wow! (Hubby & Thing Two are off picking her up now.)

Second up was dropping Thing Two off with friends for a big block party in the City.  We know several families who live in the same general neighborhood, so they all got together, got the appropriate permits from the City gov't, and closed off a block of 36th Avenue for some fun.  She seems to have had a great time.

Hubby and I then had OUR adventure.  After an initial major "oops" on my part about which part of Golden Gate Park we needed to be in, we joined some long-time friends at Tour de Fat.  It was a very "San Francisco" event -- pro-bicycle/anti-car, good music, good beer (as far as I could tell), and wacky people in goofy, often not-G-rated outfits.  :-)  What prompted us to go?  My friends since 1983, Tom & Denise, were in town for it because their oldest son Griff was slated to perform there with his band, Dovekins.  A mutual friend, Barbara, put a lot of effort into turning it into an old-timers' reunion of those of us from "back in the day" in our church.  Denise & I had a good laugh over how much we'd changed over the years.  Honestly, if you'd told me 25 years ago that I would have been at this kind of event with her, smelling the ubiquitous concert smoke smell, beer all around us (I would have been partaking if I hadn't changed my eating/drinking habits), I wouldn't have believed you.  Instead, we ended up dancing down in front during the last song or two.  SO glad we've both learned how to loosen up and have some FUN!

Here are some photo highlights.  Click on the pictures to see them full-sized and to read descriptions.

TDF Dovekins 1 IMG_0064 TDF 14 IMG_0065 TDF Gang IMG_0066 TDF 7 IMG_0072 IMG_0073 IMG_0074

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