September 18, 2011

Birthday, Round One

Yesterday, Thing One had a bunch of her pals over to celebrate her upcoming THIRTEENTH birthday.  I was really pleased with how things turned out - all the girls got along well, the eighth grade girls were nice to the sixth grade girls, the middle school girls had no problem with Thing Two and her pal being in the thick of things.  I did my "supervising without appearing to supervise" thing, drifting in and out of the garage room to pick up trash, put the empty cans in recycling, refill the snacks, etc.

Pizza, taquitos, chips and dip, carrots and dip, sodas, and cake.
Pool table, magnetic dart board, and music.

Yupp, they were happy.

Party.1 Party.11 Party.10 Party.9 Party.8 Party.7 Party.6 Party.5 Party.4 Party.3 Party.2 Party.13 Party.14 Party.15 Party.16 Party.17 Party.18 Party.19 Party.20 Party.21 Party.23 Party.25Party.28 Party.27

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