October 3, 2011

Daniel In The Lions' Den

[Sorry for the poor picture quality.  The light in that dungeon room we use is not conducive to good iPhone photos.]

Yesterday was our first Sunday back with our beloved 4-K class at church.  Not having been in class since May, we were able to see quite a difference in the class.  The most noticeable difference was the absence of the 10 or so kids who "graduated" to the 1st & 2nd grade class.  We only had 12 kids yesterday, when in the past we've often had more than 12 just in the girls (Teacher Erica always "counts the noses" before we troop off for potty break and before we troop back).  We also had some kids who were new to the class because they had recently turned four.  It's always interesting to see how the class waxes and wanes since they join the class as soon as they turn four but don't leave until right before they start first grade, even if they're seven by that point.  Our class shares a room with the 2- and 3-year-olds' class, so we start getting to know the kids as soon as they turn two.  It's great to watch the kids grow and change, spending time with them in two-month chunks off and on over the years.

This week's lesson was one of those that make me glad I have a box labelled "scrap yarn", LOL.  Several shades of brown came out Saturday night and got cut into small bits for lions' manes.


Lion's Den.8 Lion's Den.7 Lion's Den.8 Lion's Den.9


Lion's Den.6 Lion's Den.3 Lion's Den.2 Lion's Den.1 Lion's Den.5 Lion's Den.10


Lion's Den.12

The kids were happy to have us back.  I wish I had a picture of the delight on their faces when Andrew pulled his hunting hat out during singing time, saying he needed it so we could go on a "Bear Hunt".  They were so happy!  They even remembered what came next, reminding him when he left out the "tall, tall grass" with a snake in it, LOL.

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