October 6, 2011

PAIL Month - Another Tip, Plus Related Patterns

Another tip regarding PAIL (Pregnancy And Infant Loss):  Don't be afraid to mention the deceased child.  This person existed, for however short a time, and was very real to his/her parents.  Especially if the baby was stillborn, the parents can feel as if they have no validation of their child's life, so discussing him or her or giving them a small memento in remembrance can be immeasurably comforting.  If the parents named their baby, make sure to use his/her name when referring to him/her.  This is another validation of this very real person's life.

For the knitters among you, here are some useful patterns for charity knitting to donate to NICU's for parents experiencing stillbirth or infant loss.  I will never forget dashing down to the hospital gift shop to pay $25 for a little baby cap that was too big for Paul so that he would have a hat other than the generic hospital-issue one, something purchased especially for him.  Parents who have received donated handmade items have been so grateful and cherish them always.

If you go to the pattern search on Ravelry and search for free knitting patterns with the word "preemie" in them, you will get 724 matches.  Here are just a handful selected from the first page of search results, sorted by most-often knit first:

Berry Baby Hat by Random Stitches
Preemie Hats for Charity by Carissa Knits
Owlie Sleep Sack by Comfort Wool (This is not for sleeping in unattended. I think it would be useful as a burial bunting.)
Baby Blocks Blanket by Debbie Macomber/Leisure Arts
5-Hour Baby Sweater from Bev's Country Cottage

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