November 1, 2011

Elementary School Halloween Festivities

Ghostie Haystacks Pondo.2 Pondo.3 Pondo.4 Pondo.5 Pondo.6 Pondo.7 Pondo.8 Pondo.9 Pondo.10 Pondo.11 Pondo.12 Pondo.13 Pondo.14 Pondo.16

Each year, the teachers all dress as something starting with the letter "P".  This year, they were "People of Peace" - in other words, hippies.  I still insist that the BEST year since we've been with the school (2003) was they year they were pirates.  The principal was Captain Hook, with a gorgeous velvet coat and a parrot on her shoulder, and Mrs. Penna was a PG-13 pirate, LOL.

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