November 1, 2011

Ready for Candy!

Gir and Rose

Thing Two and her pals cooked up a scheme to go trick-or-treating together, so Jeannette and Booger came over last night so neither he nor Thing One had to go alone.  They brought along their newest Chihuahua, Shakey, dressed as a dragon, and the four (five) of us hit the streets for about an hour and a half.  We had fun, but it was bittersweet because traditions were broken, and I think it was Thing One's last year.

Hubby did what he's been wanting to for a while:  He took the screen off the window closest to the front door, opened the window, moved things around so the glider was next to the window, and passed out candy out the window.  He wore the spider hand puppet, but a few of the littler kids didn't like it, so he had to take if off from time to time.  After we got back, I got to hand out candy for a bit.  Jeannette got to laugh as I made a couple of non-costumed teenagers each give me five jumping jacks in order to get candy.

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