January 2, 2012

Truckee Trip, aka Fun in the NOSnow...

Yupp, no snow in Truckee.  Based on the snow configuration all our other trips to the cabin, I've always thought that there was a hill between the main street and the driveway.  When we pulled up on the afternoon of the 27th, I was shocked to see that there's NO hill there.  It's flat, flat, I'm telling you.  That was ALL SNOW before!

Continuing in our totally relaxed mode, we barely took any pictures while we were up there.  Wednesday, we ventured out to Cabela's in Nevada so Andrew could look for some hunting-related stuff he needed, and we stopped in at the store-closing sale (sniff, sniff) at Lake Tahoe Yarn Company.  I was in search of a new spindle, but all her spindles were already sold (good for her!), but I came away with three balls of Jameison's Shetland and a hand-painted sock blank (pictures to come). Thursday evening, we drove to the Lake to have dinner with friends from our Marin days, the Johnsons (yes, the same Johnsons we stayed with in Snohomish in June) and the Wilsons, and later that night, Robin, Cathy, and Spot arrived.  Friday, Andrew, the girls, Robin, and Cathy hit Cabela's and Scheels, where Andrew found the rest of the hunting stuff he was looking for.  Saturday, after a flurry of frantic cleaning of the cabin, we relaxed a bit, then headed back home in plenty of time for the traditional Higuera-Hernandez Crab Fest in Pacifica.

Here are the (very) few pictures we took in Truckee.  As you can see, we completely forgot to get any with Robin & Cathy.

Truckee.1 Truckee.2 Truckee.3 Truckee.4 Truckee.5 Truckee.6

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