April 23, 2012


There have been many additions to the stash family over the last while.  Actually, two of these have been blogged about in my Stitches 2012 posts, but I'm finally posting pictures.  (Don't tell me; I know I'm lame. We've established that already.  Move along, will ya?)

Stitches Goodies:

Bijou Basin Lhasa Wilderness Fiesta Tenero Indulgence

Succumbing To The Pretty (but it was for CHARITY!):


Pattern Research.  Yeah, that's it.  Pattern Research.  Knitting R&D:

Arroyo.1 Arroyo.2

Yarn I Dyed/Over-Dyed:

Overdyed LuLu's Red and Black Handdyed

Succumbing To The Good Prices on Discontinued Yarns I Love:

Brown 127 Teal 127 Kiln Red Nashua Lime Sherbet Nashua

Because DBNY Are Evil:

Black Zara

Vintage Yarn Gifted To Me:

Red Baruffa College

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