April 25, 2012


So, after following her on Twitter for a while, I finally succumbed to the pretty and ordered some Lincoln locks from Velma at ColorBomb Creations:


I had never worked with locks before, but I thought they might help soften up that purple roving that I allllmost felted a while back.  The other day, I gave it a shot.

First, I spun up a bunch, then plied the single with two strands of the darker purple stuff:

Purple Three-Ply.1 Three-Ply Cake (The color in the photo of the yarn on the niddy-noddy is truer to reality.)

Next, I tried something different and plied two strands of the darker purple, adding in the locks as I went:

Purple Three-Ply.2 Three-Ply Ball

It's hard to tell the difference in the results because, when it comes to photography, I'm no Jared Flood, but I like the first batch better.  I'll probably do the rest of it that way, then figure out what to do with it.  Both kids love purple, so it's highly likely that it will end up becoming some fingerless mitts or something (it's not next-to-the-skin-soft enough for something like a scarf).

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