August 28, 2013

Deep Space Nine? Check!

I finally finished watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine last night. Verdict? Great series! I like watching a series on Netflix binge-style, several episodes at a time because it's so much easier to see the various story arcs develop that way, and you don't have to deal with commercials or wait a week in between episodes, hoping nothing comes up that makes you miss one, etc.

I agree with the general consensus that the series finale was very well-done. It wasn't the abrupt non-ending of a show suddenly cancelled, lame like the ending of Next Generation, or a cop-out like the end of Lost. Yes, it made me cry, but it wasn't the sob-fest I had expected it to be. There were some story lines left open with room for things to be spun off into other series/sequels, but they weren't done in the heavy-handed way some series/movies do (and, to my knowledge, none of those were ever spun off).  I really don't know whether the writers did this because they were planning spin-offs that never happened or if they just thought that not everything needed to be finished and tied up neatly with a bow since life doesn't happen that way.
The only other thing I can say w/o giving spoilers is that it didn't end the way I thought it would. It wasn't one of those frustrating "bizarre twist" endings, just not what I had thought expected.

The big question now is, "What Next?"   What do ya'll think should be next up on my Watch While Knitting list?  These are the things I'm considering, but I'm open to suggestion:

  • Go back and get caught up on Breaking Bad.
  • Start Star Trek Voyager.
  • Start Stargate.
  • Go retro and start Red Dwarf.
  • Try once again to start Star Trek Enterprise.  (Tried right after I finished watching the original Star Trek, but I just couldn't get into it; I kept thinking Scott Bakula was trying to be Harrison Ford as Han Solo.)

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