September 25, 2013

In Which Thing One Turns FIFTEEN

FIFTEEN.  Thing One turned FIFTEEN on Sunday.  How is this possible?

If you've been reading since the old days on, you will probably remember her looking something like this:

05 Aug Paris Loop DONE 001

Yeah.  No more.  She's come a long way since those days:

This year's birthday is turning into one of those never-ending events, which, as you know, is MY very favorite kind of birthday.

1)  September 14th - Family gathering to celebrate my BIL Rick's birthday, Thing One's birthday, my BIL and SIL's anniversary, Frankie and Tina's anniversary, and anything else that needed celebrating in September.

Rick Bday Party (1)

2)  September 22nd - Her actual birthday.  It began as birthdays in our house typically do, with presents and a special celebratory breakfast in the morning.

T1 15.5 T1 15.6  She was thrilled, not just with the bacon, scrambled eggs, and Nutella-filled crescent rolls, but also with the fact that her gifts all celebrated her geeky fandom interests.

After church, we picked up Auntie, hit A&W for lunch, then headed up to Sonoma to celebrate with Poppa, Nana, and Auntie, followed (of course) by dinner at the ever-popular Red Grape.  As you can see, she was quite excited about the books she got from Auntie.

T1 15.12

3)  September 23rd - One of Thing One's uber-cool adult friends from church who "gets" her geeky side took her out for dinner, ice cream, and a trip to Barnes & Noble.  No photographic evidence, but she had a ball and came home with a book.

4)  September 28th - This Saturday, an indeterminate number of Thing One's friends are coming over for a "Geeky Movie Night".  We'll be serving "movie theater food", pie (because...Dean!), playing a game or two to test people's geek cred (I scored MAJOR "Mom Points" when T1 saw them and declared them "Perfect!"), and they'll vote on which movie to watch from a selection of three of her favorites.   Should be a good time, though I'm sure that Sunday, this introvert will want to lock herself in a quiet room alone with her spinning wheel.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

The full complement of birthday pictures are in this month's Flickr set.

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