September 25, 2013

Still Creating

While my dye class has been on hiatus between the summer and fall sessions, I have still been dyeing every week, having a "play date" with my pal Sadie.

I am ridiculously happy with the scarf I painted last week and now want to paint about 8,000 more in different color combinations:

Crazy Happy Scarf

Of the knitting I can show you, I have finished this cowl.  It's a mosaic stitch pattern knit with the three-ply "Firefly" yarn I dyed and spun from the big fleece Erin and I split and some commercial yarn for contrast (a Cherry Tree Hill sport-weight mill-end).  I'm very pleased with it all the way around.

Handspun Cowl.1 Handspun Cowl.2

One of our eight-year-old nephews saw me knitting it the day I started it (and the day I finished it a couple of weeks later) and was very taken with it.  He kept asking if it was for him, when I would be done, etc.  I wasn't going to give this particular one up, but I guess I'll be making a "neck thing" for him for Christmas (and one for his twin brother, of course).  He said his favorite colors were green and yellow like the Oakland A's, so I guess I'll do his brother's in silver and black for the Oakland Raiders.

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