December 7, 2013


This year, my mom wasn't hosting dinner because my dad was off attending my Aunt Virginia's 90th birthday celebration, and she wasn't up to coming down here, so we went over to Andrew's brother Mike's house.  Mike was going to be firing up his turkey fryer, so he told us to feel free to bring a bird over to fry to take home, so we brought a medium-sized (17.5lbs) one.

Turkey Fry.1 Turkey Fry.4 Thanksgiving Collage.1Thanksgiving Collage.2

I was in charge of stuffing, and I made WAY. TOO. MUCH. Seriously.  The 20ish people at Mike's house only ate about 1/5 of it.  Yeah.

I think I figured out the problem:  I'm still automatically making it as if *I* were still going to be partaking.  If I were, then it probably would have been right about the right amount. Next year, someone please tell me to make about a third of the amount I want to make.  Maybe then, it will be right.

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