December 7, 2013

Small Birthday Celebration

Far be it from ME to let a birthday pass uncelebrated, right?  Since NEXT year is a "biggie", this year I wanted to do something smaller, so Andrew offered to cook for a "Girls' Night In".  I invited assorted friends, told them to grab their Thanksgiving leftovers and any crafting they wanted to work on, and come on over.

It was a very low-key, no agenda night, but I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures!  Here are the few taken by others:

Personal Space Dos Ericas Whole Family

In the Evite for the party, I said that I wanted to celebrate my friendships, so I thought that, hobbit-like, I should have gifts for everyone who attended.  Of course, I didn't think of this until too late to get it together, so I settled on putting each woman's name in a bowl and having Thing One pull a name for the last of the pashminas we bought in Singapore.  The winner?  Miss Kalendar (Erin)!  This tickled me because more than once I had thought about giving her the shawl, but had decided against it.  Clearly, it was meant for her, LOL.

Bonus:  Our pal Clairese couldn't remember how to cast on, so she brought her yarn and needles, and Miss Kalendar sat down with her to teach her how.  WOOT!  Enabling!  ( much yarn from my stash to give Clairese for Christmas?)

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