February 4, 2014

Various AND Sundry

"How do we get one of your patterns to go viral?"
I love the way this man thinks!

I really shouldn't have told someone yesterday "We're finally all healthy!"  You'd think I would have learned better by now about such things.

If you live outside the US or even on the East Coast (where they are focused on their Polar Vortex), you may not have heard that we in California are suffering one of our periodic droughts.  If you live in our state, how are you conserving water?  Are you washing your dishes "camping style"?  Do you save the "greywater" and use it to water your yard?  Are you just letting your yard die?  Are you washing your car less often?  We're doing the typical things, such as:

  • taking shorter showers
  • only washing full loads of laundry
  • running the washer on shorter cycles of 8 or 6 minutes instead of 10 minutes
When I research saving water, more than half the ideas I read don't apply to our household, either because we don't have a dishwasher or because we already do those things.  Please leave a comment about how you're conserving water.  I'd love to find some new ideas. 

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