March 28, 2014


Been in "hunker down and get through it" mode this week because Thing Two got sick on Friday and didn't leave the house until yesterday morning.  When I have a sick kid, I tend just to try to get through it, which in some ways is fine, however, I tend to get isolated during that time.  Combine that with not getting as much sleep as normal or any other unusual circumstances, and it's just not good for my mental state.  To paraphrase my friend Donna, "Survival isn't good enough."  Lesson (hopefully) learned.

Here are a few snippets from the past week or so:

Ready for Buttons
I finished the knitting on the new sweater for "Grahambo".
Now, I get to do the boring part - weaving in the ends and attaching the buttons.
One bummer:  I made one too many buttonholes, so I have to
use one non-matching button.  Bah!

Thing Two tried out the candy molds she got for her birthday and made
mustache lollipops.
Springtime Socks
I finished the Springtime Socks.  The bind-off is really tight, though, so I'll
probably undo it, tink back a round, and bind off differently so I don't
have to fight to get them on and won't have an indentation on
my ankle when I take them off.
Locked Out
The Resident Genius locked herself out of the house yesterday
afternoon and had to wait for the 15yo to get home so she
could go inside, get her keys, and drive off to pick up the
13yo from school.  Good thing it wasn't raining!

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