March 28, 2014

Still Crazy (About Him) After All These Years....

Even after 18+ years of marriage, Andrew is still able to surprise me and sometimes completely blows me away with an over-the-top gesture.

Last week, he bought me an iPad as an early Mother's Day gift.


I knew we were going to get one - thanks to credit card points, a sale at Best Buy, and money from our tax refund/his bonus - but I had had NO IDEA that he had planned on it for a while and had intended it to be a Mother's Day gift for me.  After about an hour of messing with me, during which Andrew and Thing Two told me I couldn't have the passcode for the iPad until Mother's Day, I got to play with my new toy.

For those who are curious about such things, we got the 64gig iPad Air with only WiFi, not 4G.  Knowing my history*, I looked up reviews and customer ratings and ordered a very sturdy case for it that will arrive today.

Andrew loves it for watching movies on Netflix in bed.  The girls love playing games on it.  Photos look AMAZING.  It will be perfect for when I go to Stitches or CFR, etc. and need to be able to promote Cooperative Press.

This guy is amazing.  Do I love him because he buys me stuff?  Nah. I *do*, however, love that he 1) had the idea in the first place, 2) made sure I really did want an iPad and not some other tablet, 3) wanted to use the credit card points and bonus/refund money to get a present for *me*, not some goodie for himself (if the shoe were on the other foot, I'm pretty sure I would have been more selfish).

Love you, Babe!

*See, there was the laptop I dropped on the floor and broke...and the one I spilled a latte on...and the earlier one I killed in some other, forgotten way.... 

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