September 26, 2015

Saturday Sundries


Guy 1:  You have iPads in the afterlife?
Guy 2:  iPads?  We have Steve Jobs!


So, my knitting friends, coupla questions for you:

  1. When you purchase patterns at a fiber festival, whether small like CFR or huge like Stitches, do you want to buy hard copies, or look at a hard copy, then buy the PDF?
  2. What makes a collection of patterns attractive to you?  Value (buying the collection is significantly less expensive than buying the patterns individually) or there being a specific number of patterns that you think you'd get around to making?
BTW, watch this space for two new patterns coming soon!  Another one will be released in October at CogKnitive Fiber Retreat (it will be available in the Dizzy Blonde Studios booth).


According to a Facebook memory, six years ago this week was when I went out and bought my celebratory "I Hit My Goal Weight" outfit.  I then proceeded to lose another 15 pounds because I hadn't realized where my body really needed to be (understandable, considering I had never been at a healthy weight before in my life!).  Sadly, six years and much...uh..."change"...later I'm a few pounds above that rock bottom weight, but I'm still well below that original goal.  You would think I'd be used to it by now, but even this week, I got a little thrill when I heard someone describe me as "tiny". Even after all this time, I feel like I'm fooling people or something.  Weird.

Thing One had her senior portrait session this week.  She's a SENIOR.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

One of our "extra daughters" got married last Saturday, and we're so happy for them!  The wedding was so much fun, and I even got Andrew to dance with me for longer than he normally would.

Speaking of extra daughters, it makes me so happy when one of the girls' friends comes over, and greets us with, "Hello, Family!"  We certainly don't have the largest, fanciest, or even the cleanest home on the block, but if my daughters' friends are so comfortable here that they feel like part of the family, then I consider my homemaking successful.

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