September 29, 2015

She Was Just Seventeen...

Last Tuesday, Thing One turned 17, so I've been going around singing "I Saw Her Standing There" ever since.

It was a low-key birthday this year.  We had the usual morning festivities:

After a slightly rushed traditional family +1 dinner at Red Robin, she had her senior portrait appointment at school (appointment times are assigned, not chosen).  I know some parents go to watch, etc., but I wanted to be surprised when we got the the proofs, so I didn't.

The next day was an early-release day from school, so the plan was for Thing One's squad to come over, eat pizza, and watch a movie.  Unfortunately, between work schedule conflicts and illnesses, only one person ended up being able to come over.  I really liked this kid...until she said that "The Princess Bride" was only OK.

Saturday, we had family (with a few notable absences) over for home-cured ham, ice cream cake, and general celebrating.  I was so busy playing hostess that I didn't take a single picture while folks were here.

She's not a little kid any more....

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