January 1, 2016


A madame and a detective walked into a bar.... (Call for Submissions)

Finally, the moment the Cumberbatch-lovers have been waiting for: A Madame and a Detective Walked Into a Bar… Defarge Does Sherlock

Now that Defarge Gets Medieval is well underway, decisions need to be made about the last (yep, seriously, the last) book in the Defarge SeriesSherlock.

What does this mean for you: WE NEED PATTERNS.  If you’ve submitted a pattern already, double check that you’re listed HERE. If not, resubmit via this link and note that you submitted before. We’ll find the original submission by searching your email address or pattern name.  If you’re listed, then we have your pattern and all is well.

Submission Themes: All submissions for Defarge Does Sherlock should be inspired by a Sherlock Holmes story. We are looking for both knit and crochet patterns.
Compensation/Support: Designers will be paid a percentage of sales, amount to be determined by number of patterns published. No “official” yarn support has been arranged, but yarn companies have typically been generous when approached by designers for past Defarge books.  We provide tech editing and photography.
Rights: Cooperative Press holds rights to patterns for 18 months, at which point rights revert back to designer.
Submission Requirements: Name of Sherlock Holmes story; craft; what type of item; general description. If we have questions, we’ll contact you.  Ideas must be submitted by February 29, 2016.  You will be notified on or before May 15, 2016 regarding acceptance.
Send to: Ideas should be submitted via this Google form.
Brief Description: Books in The Defarge Series consist of patterns and essays inspired by characters in classic literature (think: old enough to be in the public domain). Past themes have included Shakespeare and medieval literature. A sense of humor is a plus; we are the ones who published a design for a layette inspired by Rosemary’s Baby.  See www.wwmdfk.com for pictures of previously published patterns.

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