January 15, 2016

Same Old Stuff, Different Year

Let's see, since the new year has begun:

I submitted a design to Knitty (cross your fingers for me!).

Thing Two got her wisdom teeth out.

I went on a long roadtrip with my parents and sister to the Las Vegas area for my aunt's funeral. While it was a sad occasion (stupid cancer!), it was great to see my uncle and cousins.

I have another pattern out being tested and tech edited.  (Merino!  Cashmere!  Nylon!  Oh, my!)

Work continues on Defarge Gets Medieval.

Submissions are still coming in for Defarge Does Sherlock.  You still have a month to get your genius ideas in, so keep them coming!  We especially need more crochet items.

I had a minor mishap with the car yesterday.

So, like I said, pretty standard stuff....

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