February 2, 2016

CraftLit's Crafty Chat - I'M MODERAT(ING)!

Caught you there, didn't I?  When in my life have I ever been known for moderation?  Well, now I'm going to be moderating the chat room for the Crafty Chat portion of CraftLit.

Here's a copy of Heather's announcement about it; come join us some Tuesday (today?)!


It's hard to put an audiobook onto YouTube (the fastest growing place to listen/watch) in any meaningful way, so, instead I'm putting the Crafty Chat there!
Every Tuesday at 10:30 Pacific, 11:30 Mountain, 12:30 Central, and 1:30 Eastern (and if you're not on either the N or S American continents you can go here to find your timeI'll be hopping on a LiveStream with Dawn (@CrochetCompulsive) and Erica (@EricaH64) who does the tricky dance of moderating the Live YouTube Chat!
That means you can talk with us!
This is the link to our next LiveStream (Feb 2nd, 2016):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iwcv0wdDjI.
I'll be pulling the audio for the Crafty Chat section of CraftLit from here each week. So if you watch the stream live, you can fast-forward over the crafty-chat on the regular podcast (or you can listen to see what bits of audio I used).

If there are weeks when we cannot stream, I'll be posting crafty news from YOU! Call in (+1-206-350-1642) and share your new craft, old craft, fave pattern, technique... you name it. I'll save audio up for weeks when the podcast is missing that special something that is YOU.
See you on YouTube!

(well, you'll see us...)

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  1. The talk about Ashland brought back memories. I was lucky enough to spend a summer in Ashland working in the costume shop. What a great experience it was. I was roomed in a house with two of the Green Show dancers and a tech guy. So, I got to learn about the festival experience from a different perspective. I still treasure the photos I got of the costumes pieces that were my assignments.

    Having free tickets to performance was always a nice perk from those days. What I learned: If you want to understand Shakespeare, go to see a play with trained Shakespearian actors!