February 8, 2016

Finishuary + Crafty Chat

FINISHUARY:  Every year, Miss Kalendar declares February to be "Finishuary", a month for finishing up languishing knitting/spinning/weaving/whatever projects, complete with a contest.  The rules are pretty simple:  It has to be something that was started prior to February 1st, and you have to finish it before midnight on March 1st.

I am sort of between design projects at the moment (till I find the right yarn at Stitches in a couple of weeks), so I am attacking some of my hibernating WIPs:

My "February Socks" from 2015.  They have been started,
frogged, and started again.  They have taught me that
Vanilla Pattern + Vanilla Yarn = BOREDOM.
I shan't make that mistake again, I'll wager.

The entrelac scarf out of Noro Kureyon Sock
that I started in July of 2014.

The blanket I "gave" Abby for Christmas 2014, which I
finally started in January of 2016.

My "Not-So-Purple" Sweater.  I started this in January
of this year for my big road trip to,Vegas and back.
The body is done, and it just needs the sleeves, but I'll
probably bite the bullet and frog it back to the underarms
because it's too big in the bust.


Sorry for the lame picture, but I'm writing the pattern up,
so I can't show you any more detail than this.
It's a 400yd fingering weight shawl with eyelets.
The yarn is just random sock yarn from my stash,
but I'll be on the lookout for a better yarn for it
when I'm at Stitches.
I started this in January and finished it last week,
so it's my first Finishuary entry.

If you're like most knitters, you've probably got multiple WIPs lying around that could benefit from some focused attention.  Even if you don't end up finishing them, making a deliberate effort could end up with great progress toward that goal, so go ahead and enter the contest.  The more people that play along, the more fun we'll have.  You get one entry per finished item

CRAFTLIT CRAFTY CHAT:  Did you enjoy listening to the "crafty chat" between Heather, Dawn, and yours truly in the most recent CraftLit episode?  If you're curious about the faces that go with the voices, you can watch last week's chat here.  If you're a REAL glutton for punishment, you can check out our practice run the week before here (warning:  it's three times as long, and I'm not wearing any makeup, LOL).

Watch my Twitter feed (here or in the left-hand sidebar of the blog) for the link to this week's crafty chat.  If you have requests for things you'd like to see/hear us discuss, by all means, comment below.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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