April 29, 2016

Just To Mess With My Husband

He claimed last night that I rarely blog any more and that, when I do, it's all stuff he knows about already. SO, just to mess with him:  I am NOT going to post the picture he predicted I would post today.  Or that other picture he probably thinks I'm going to post.  Or even the cool black and white one I forgot to post last week.

Instead, I give you my new favorite descriptor:  "blurrily plaintive"

Also, dare I jinx myself by uttering it aloud?  I think...I think...I think the knitting mojo might be back because I have An IDEA(tm).

I do, however, promise to post pictures next week of him officiating his co-worker's wedding this Sunday.  After all, how often will I get to do THAT?  (Plus, he'll probably ditch the ZZ Top beard after the wedding.)

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