April 27, 2016

Still No Knitting To Show...

...but here's some spinning progress:

FINALLY finished spindle spinning the 8oz of
Bee Mice Elf fiber I started in 2014
for Tour de Fleece.
Now, to decide whether I'm going to ply it
on the spindle (more control) or
the wheel (faster, can fit a lot on just one bobbin).

Found a bobbin of self-dyed, wheel-spun Rambouillet.
I divided it in half as accuratley as I could,
then started plying - in public, even!

It became 135 yards of nubby DK-Worsted yarn
(10-12 wpi)

I may need to kick-start my knitting by cranking out a couple of dishcloths just to get going.

...Speaking of knitting, WENDY'S NEW BOOK IS OUT.  Zip over to Amazon and order one or ten copies.  I only buy knitting reference books these days, and I've found her first stitch dictionary to be quite helpful and inspiring.  As soon as it was listed on Amazon for pre-order, I pretty much begged to get it for Mother's Day.  A week and a half away, I can barely wait for it!

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