July 6, 2016

General Update

Feels like we've been busy, but I'm not sure I could tell you with what.

Sarah and Cousin Abigail are working hard
at The Sierra Country Store this summer
and relaxing just as hard.

We've reached that stage of life where young dating couples
think of us as "a mature married couple" to turn to
for sage relationship advice.
Once I stop laughing, this makes me feel old.

Some traditions don't change.  We spent the Fourth of July
at Roy & Christine's for their annual pool party.
This year, Christine and I remembered to do our
annual photo together.
Can you see why people say we remind them of each other?

In related news, Abby ALMOST brought home a kitten.
This 10th grader also got an A on her first college test.

Tour de Fleece started on Saturday.  My modest goal this year is to ply my 8oz of Bee Mice Elf singles (4 oz merino/silk blend, 4 oz BFL/silk blend).  I got a slow start:

I missed days 2 - 4 for various reasons, but I plan to get back on the horse today and ply while catching up on Doctor Who. We are going camping next week on our annual Gualala adventure - this time SANS KIDS - and I plan to ply while up there.  Seems appropriate since I spun the first part of these singles by the fire up there a couple of years ago (don't judge!).

In related news, I will miss next week's Crafty Chat livestream, but I should have more to share in the weeks to come.

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