July 10, 2016

Opinions Needed

328 yards Noro Silk Garden "Sock", which is actually a sport weight yarn.  It wants to come camping with me to be knit by the fire on either size US 7's or US 8's, but WHAT SHOULD IT BECOME?

I'm leaning toward a Pi Shawl b/c that's my latest "thing", but I don't have the formula memorized.  A triangular kerchief I could knit w/o any pattern.

Knitters, I know you're full of opinions.  Please, share them!


  1. My immediate thought, before I saw your choices, was a garter stitch triangular kerchief. It's simple and portable. Have you see the version Nancy Bush makes? She puts a sweet edging on it. Here's the link: http://www.woolywest.com/Pages-Notebook/notebook_shawl.html

    Have a nice camping trip!

  2. Go for the Half-pi. It will make this project a true snap shot of your life at this moment. First trip with all sorts of life changes happening in the midst of it.