August 3, 2016

Crafty Goodness + Kid Updates

This Pi Shawl has been happening.

I'm actually not thrilled with the current section of the Pi Shawl, but it's too many rounds of too many stitches for me to tink or frog (ONE day, perhaps, I'll learn to use lifelines).  Glad this is just the prototype.  The real thing will most likely be knit in KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in Blue Yonder.  (I LURVE Poppy Field, but I already have a design accepted in those colors.)  There are indie yarns I love more, but the yardage I need for this precludes pretty much all of them.

Abby had a FABULOUS time in Ashland and
didn't want to come back home.
Perhaps an application to Southern Oregon University
is in her future....

Sarah got to swim in a real, live swimming hole.
Yes, it was COLD.

The RAVELLENIC GAMES (aka The Games Formerly Known As The Knitting Olympics) start on Friday; are you participating?  If you need a team, join us on Team Sasquatch.  I was so lame about Tour de Fleece that I'm torn:  Half of me thinks I don't dare commit to the Games, and the other half thinks I owe it to the team to redeem myself.

SCHOOL STARTS TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!  Speediest summer EVER!  Sure is nice only having one batch of beginning-of-school-year paperwork to do and checks to write.

LESS THAN A MONTH TILL SARAH COMES HOME.  Not, ya know, that we miss each other or anything....

I reacted to the silicone in the CPAP mask
If I put on Boudreaux's Butt Paste (yes, that's REALLY
what it's called) before I put on the mask and use
a cloth mask liner, I'm OK, but I forgot
the butt paste when we went away for two nights
and used the CPAP anyway.
Things got UGLY.
As you can see, I had to resort to wearing
the butt paste during the day when I was
at home.  As my mother would say, lovely.

P.S. That college course Abby was taking over the summer?  Kid got an A.  She says it was easy, but I'm still impressed.

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