August 5, 2016

Ravellenic Games

So, The Ravellenic Games (aka "the games formerly known as The Knitting Olympics and the Ravelympics") begin tonight when the Olympic Opening Ceremony begins.  Are you participating?  If you listen to knitting podcasts and you need a team, come join us on Team Sasquatch!

The complete list of Ravellenic Games events can be found here.

I am competing in two events:  WIPs Wrestling and Shawl Sailing.

These are my projects for WIPs Wrestling:

Scrappy Socky Stripey Cardi
for Leila's baby
(started before I knew she pregnant, much less knew
that the baby was a girl)
There's no urgency to finish it except that,
now that I know she's having a girl,
I want to knit lots of pink for her!

Not-so-Scrappy Entrelac Scarf
Remember this one from Finishuary?

Rose City Rollers, aka February 2015 Socks
Another "Finishuary Fail"

For Shawl Sailing, I will be working on my latest shawl design (see peek at prototype here).  The yarn will be two skeins of KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in Blue Yonder:

Copyright KnitPicks
borrowed for illustration purposes only



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