October 4, 2016

Overdue Birthday Pictures

FINALLY remembering to post about our newly-minted legal ADULT.

Even though she didn't have to get up for school, she gladly got up early for our traditional morning bestowal of the birthday gifts.

The only picture she would allow me to take of her.

By request, Trader Joe's pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Abby wasn't feeling well that night and elected to miss out on our traditional dinner out, so Andrew and I took Sarah to, of all places, Armstrong Brewing for their special bring-your-own-stein Oktoberfest event.  We hung out with the usual gang from work, ordered Indian food from Copper Chimney next door, and had a good time.  I promise there was no underage drinking going on (like me, she had Diet Coke), but how many kids can say "My parents took me to a taphouse for my 18th birthday"?

A few days later, we had family and a few of her friends over for pulled pork and other delicacies.

Sarah loved her TARDIS cake, even though the edible picture
tore when I was putting it on.

The next week, she made use of her birthday present from us and took three of her friends with her to the Blink 182 show.  Though she's seen many big-name groups up close at the various Genentech summer concerts, this was her first actual paid concert.  Because she chose a trustworthy friend of ours as one of the three friends to take, I wasn't worried about what they'd get up to or how late they came home (1:34 a.m.).  They had a blast.

For the record, she's not wearing a micro-mini.
That's a long, swingy tank top over a pair of shorts.
I was actually surprised she chose to wear
the Army jacket instead of the
black motorcycle jacket.

It has been a little weird, knowing that's she's supposedly an adult now, but I gotta say that I'm so pleased to see the kind of young woman she is becoming.  Proud of this girl!

Oh, and she got a seasonal job at the local Halloween store.  Once she was hired, she had to fill out a bunch of forms online, read the online employee handbook and be tested on it.  We expect to hear today about hours, etc.

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