August 23, 2013

Home Improvement - Last Round for a WHILE

Complications abounded, but last weekend, we got our bathroom fixed up.  The main issues were that our white floor had been a stupid idea and that our fan really didn't work b/c the vent was set up in a really weird way, so we had moisture issues (noticing a theme here?), which meant our mirror, light fixture, and medicine cabinet were pretty thrashed.

As it turns out, our toilet was pretty much DONE, so we replaced it with an ADA-compliant, high-efficiency, power-flush model.  It may not be the "pretty" one I liked, but it works quite well and is the right size for our teeny bathroom.  All in all, we ended up replacing:

  • the floor
  • the toilet
  • the mirror (with a recessed medicine cabinet with a small mirrored front)
  • the medicine cabinet (with a larger, mirror-fronted one)
  • the light fixture (due to the moisture issues, the original one was quite rusted)
  • the towel rod (with a double towel rod so that we can actually hang four towels at once!)
  • the fan (with a high-powered, quiet one with a built-in light and nightlight)
  • the robe hook (it was broken)
  • the tub mat (despite frequent washing with bleach, it was...gross)
  • the caulking in the tub/shower

RAP19 Purchased Bathroom 2

The flooring isn't exactly what I had had in mind, but I don't think what I had in mind exists, so we went with this.  As our existing towels wear out, we'll get ones that match the shades-of-brown colors better than the black-white-grey we had before.  All in all, we're really happy with it.  And now, we're broke, LOL, so no more house projects for a while.

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