February 13, 2016

Stitches is Coming! Stitches is Coming!

What would February be without Stitches West?

As usual, I will be attending from Thursday through Sunday.  It doesn't look like there will be a Defarge book signing this year (and I will greatly miss the folks from Bijou Basin Ranch), but there's still a small chance that could change; I'll keep you posted.

What is your market strategy for big shows like Stitches?  Do you just jump in with both feet and credit card in hand, or do you take the market floor in "bites"?  I tend reserve my first day for scoping things out, but not buying anything.  I've learned the hard way that it's easy to buy something, then see something better three booths away, so I avoid that by having a day to get the lay of the land first.  After that, if I'm going to buy something like a shawl pin, I can compare my favorites and decide which one to get.  Of course, I drift back over and over to the different yarn dyers' booths that have called my name, deciding what and how much to get.  My first year, I didn't spend anything at all.  Some years, I've gone on the hunt for something specific (this usually means a new shawl pin from Romi) and have just bought that one item.  Other yeas, I've bought several things, but shown restraint.    Other years...well...my credit card balance hasn't fared so well.  And then there are the times yarn company folks have said, "Here, go design something with this."

This year, I have just a couple of things on my list:

  • 400 or more yards of a tonal or mild multi fingering weight for the Fibonacci eyelet pattern I've been working on
  • Another gradient/graduated from Fresh From the Cauldron
  • (maybe) 600+ yards of a single color of Little Brother from YOTH to do a solid color version of the gradient lace shawl I made from the "yarn puppy" I bought from them last year.  Last year, YOTH were definitely "the belle of the ball", and it will be interesting to see how they do this year.
Then, of course, there are the vendors I simply MUST visit and say "hi" to, whether I end up purchasing or not: (in no specific order)
Since I won't be occupying the corner of the Bijou Basin Ranch this year, I will have a different base of operations, as it were - the Dizzy Blonde Studios booth (#'s 1033 & 1035).  Laura will have not one, but two booth samples of my Fangirl shawl and will have hardcopies of the pattern for sale (one-stop shopping!).

If you know me or if you're a CraftLit listener enjoying the new Crafty Chat, PLEASE come by and see me.  I'd love to meet listeners.  Please, don't be shy; I'm probably more timid than you are.  I'll be wearing my Ravelry button with my name, ericah64, on it.  

Here's my schedule as it stands:

  • Thursday - DBS booth set-up; have lunch plans; floating during Market Preview
  • Friday - DBS booth 9:30am - 2:30pm (more later if needed); floating once Thing Two arrives around 4:30;  Pajama Party at night!
  • Saturday - floating with Thing Two; have dinner plans
  • Sunday - DBS booth at least 12:30 - 2;30; floating with Thing Two when not in booth
  • NOTE:  When I'm not in the DBS booth, I'll be checking in there periodically, and Laura will usually have a sense of what I'm up to, so if you're looking for me, check there first.
Yes, you read that right; Thing Two will be joining me for most of the weekend.  I'm bummed that she won't get to experience what it's like when I do the book signings, but she'll still probably be on overload by the end.  She will be helping me help in the DBS booth, will be floating around, taking it all in, and helping me post stuff on social media throughout the weekend.
I hope to see you there!  Oh, and Doctor Gemma, I'll be circulating a petition to get you to change the date of your Fiji trip for next year so that we get the joy of your company.  Stitches just isn't the same without you.

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